Different Types Of Perennial Flowers


Most beginners at gardening and landscaping often get overwhelmed by the steep number of different types of perennials flowers available. Moreover, one has to get familiar with the planting zones and growing requirements of different perennial flowers. But perennial flowers are indeed beautiful and once you graduate to these beauties, there are no looking back. The prime focus of this article is to get you familiar with the diverse perennial flowers varieties, based on soil and sunlight required.


Different kinds of perennial flowers based on sunlight:

Full Sun Perennial flowers
Full sun perennial flowers, as the names implies, thrive very well in places getting a good amount of sunlight. They generally need six to eight hours of direct sunlight on a daily basis. Some types of perennial flowers under this category are Astilbe, Lavender, Chrysanthemum, Iris, Salvia, Artemisia, Poppy, Japanese Anemone and Daylily.

Partly Shaded Perennial flowers
Some kinds of perennial flowers do not require direct sun and grow well in partly shaded parts of the garden. Showy and colorful in nature, a good place to locate them is under the trees that allow sunlight to infiltrate through the canopy. Bleeding Heart, Primrose, Ligularia and Foxglove can be included under this category.

Full Shaded Perennial flowers
For those people who have a garden, which remains fully shaded and with literally no sunlight, you will find plenty of perennial flowers varieties perfectly suitable for these kind of gardens. Amsonia , Ferns,  Pulmonaria, Hosta  and Brunnera are some good example of perennial flowers, which one can grow under thickly branched trees.

Different kinds of perennial flowers based on soil:

Perennial flowers for Dry soil
If your garden soil tends to remain dry and you have no means of watering the plants on a regular basis, then these types of perennial flowers will be the best for your garden. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop watering them altogether. It’s just that they don’t require frequent watering like other plants. . Perennial flowers like Amsonia .Lavender, Wormwood, Bluestar fall under this category.

Perennial flowers for Average soil
For those blessed with average soil in their garden, which has equal proportions of sand, silt, and clay, the types of perennial flowers one should go for are: Aster , Meadow Sage, Geranium , Alstroemeria,  Peony  and Columbine. But make sure that the plants are provided with enough light and water.


Perennial flowers for Moist soil
In case your garden soil tends to be much damper and moist than the average soil, then one should choose the perennial flowers varieties with caution, as you won’t be able to grow just any flower in your garden. Different perennial flowers for moist soil are Brunnera , Cardinal Flower, Pulmonaria, Iris and Astilbe.