Landscaping Garden For Perennial Flowers


Landscaping garden for perennial flowers needs lots of planning and thinking.

As most perennials have a relatively short season of bloom, as compared to annual flowers, a proper planning on garden for perennial flowers beforehand can help you enjoy something in bloom and color for most part of the year. A good landscaped flower garden has a basic annual theme, which should be populated with, sprinkling of perennial flowers complementing that theme. Read on to know more on how to landscape perennial flowers garden.

Most perennial flowers plants prefer a bright sunlit location with well drained, fertile soil. But there are quite a few which prefer shaded or partly shaded parts of the garden. Before landscaping garden for perennial flowers, assess the size and shape of your garden and the space available. Your garden should be there where you will be able to look after and enjoy it most. A stone wall, building, trellis, or fence makes a striking and eye-catching setting for the perennial flowers garden.


When you landscape perennial flowers garden, keep the border for at least six

feet wide. This takes care the there is enough space for air circulation and cultivation. Your designing of the garden should go well with other landscape elements, so as to give the give perennial flowers a sense of being in the right place in the landscape. The taller perennial plants should take the backseat and placed to the rear, the medium height plants should be planted in the middle, and the low-growing perennial flowers should take the front seat. . By organizing the perennials of different heights, your garden for perennial flowers will have greater visual appeal and will be a delight for the eyes. For the right display, plant perennial flowers in masses and also add annuals, bulbs, and shrubs to complete the

whole effect.


When landscaping garden for perennial flowers, keep the color combinations in mind too.

As perennial flowers are available in several colors, make some interesting color combinations for your garden. Alternate them so as to get contrasting and striking colors which will only enhance the beauty and character of the garden. For instance, it would be better to plant red and yellows together rather than two shades of yellow.


Another point to keep in mind before you landscape perennial flowers garden is the flowering times. Plant these flowers so as to get the bloom and color in your garden the whole year long.