How To Keep Perennial Flowers Blooming?


To keep perennial flowers blooming, one needs to have the right information and make the right choices right from sowing the perennials to taking care of them. This article focuses on how to keep perennial flowers in bloom all year, which is not as easy as many might think.

To keep perennial flowers blossoming, one has to choose the right perennial for the right season. Planting a variety of flowers that bloom in different seasons, can make your garden bloom from early spring until late fall. You will be surprised to see some perennials blooming even in the snow. Plus you need not worry about buying a lot of new plants every year, as the perennials usually spread and are worth the investment.

Some of the perennial flowers are bi-annuals, meaning they flower one year and set out foliage the next. Hence, with the right planning and timing, you can keep perennial flowers blooming, allowing them to self-seed. By planting several, these bi-annuals can take turns blooming.

To keep perennial flowers in bloom, many flowers can also be dead-headed, which means that once the flower has died, cut the stem back. The dead flower heads are allowed to remain on the stem in fall. Some of these flowers will drop seeds and other may attract birds.

Some other steps to keep perennial flowers blossoming is to turn and enrich the garden soil with compost before planting. A shower of a little bone mean will encourage large, brilliantly colored flowers. Water deeply and often to encourage root growth. Some perennial flowers need full sun while other may need shade. Hence, make to plant them appropriately at the right place.

If you want to keep perennial flowers in bloom and last longer, pay attention to the pH of the soil in your garden. Some perennials prefer acidic soil; while others need slightly alkaline soil.

Perennial flower gardening is a broad field but can be, if followed with love and the right expertise, these plants will return each year to reward us for our efforts. Once your perennial garden is set, thing will get easier and the garden will grow more beautiful with each year and keep perennial flowers blooming.